Loyola University / Communication Internships

Barb Clapp: advertising and marketing

Barb Clapp Advertising and Marketing Intern Job Description

During an internship with Barb Clapp Advertising & Marketing an intern may be asked to perform the following tasks:

• Contribute to creative and strategy meetings with staff and/or vendors.
• Write professional press releases for a variety of different clients.
• Revise/edit press releases written by the intern or other office members for a variety of different clients.
• Perform Internet research on various topics depending on the client/project at hand.
• Conduct research to compile media contact lists.
• Conduct media outreach through phone and e-mail correspondence.
• Assist in completing insertion orders for advertising outlets.
• Revise/edit client proposals and other document formatting.
• Assist in the writing/revision of radio and print advertisements.
• Work with ACT software to organize client and media contacts.
• Perform basic clerical procedures, such as answering phones, faxing/copying, printing, etc.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact 410-561-8886 or via e-mail at colleen@barbclapp.com•