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InternInfo: CM421 — FAQs

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The "CM421 Communication Internship" course is designed to companion your internship. It is meant to set guidelines for your on-site experience, and the course is designed to bridge the distance between the academic world and the professional world.

The internship coordinator, Dr. Kevin Atticks, will serve as an advisor to all students taking this course. In some cases students experience difficulties with their internships, if this is the situation you find yourself in, Dr. Atticks will be able to help resolve the problem. If problems do arise, tell Dr. Atticks immediately, do not wait three or four weeks to address the problem. You can reach Dr. Atticks via e-mail (katticks@loyola.edu) or by phone (5529).

Q: Communication internships are not required. Should I do one anyway?
Yes. Internships are a great way to learn about careers, to get experience, and to make job contacts. Internships allow you to sample different kinds of work; sometimes finding out that a given job is not for you can be extremely valuable to you.

Q: What requirement(s) do CM421 and fulfill in the Communication major or minor?
CM421 counts as an Intermediate Course or a Free Elective Course for the Communication Major or the Communication Minor.

Q: When can I do a Communication internship for credit?
During your Junior or Senior years or the summers before those years via CM421.

Q: Which courses count as internships?
CM421 Communication Internship (and the CM423 one credit internship) in addition to internship courses in other Loyola majors.

Q: May I do more than one internship for credit?
Yes. The first one is for degree credit and others for non-degree credit; that is, only the first one counts toward completion of your degree requirements.

Q: How can I fit an extra internship for credit into my program of courses if only one counts toward my undergraduate degree?
If you take more than the minimum number of courses (40) or credits (120) for undergraduate degree completion. Students with transfer credits, sixth courses during the Fall or Spring Semesters, and summer courses might accrue on their transcripts more than the minimum courses required for graduation.

Q: Why would I do a second internship for credit if it doesn't count toward my graduation requirements?
Some employers give internships only if the students receive course credit; you might want one of those internships.

Q: Can I do an internship without taking CM421?
A: Yes, but it won't count as an elective, and it won't end up on your transcript. Some internships (most TV stations, the Baltimore Sun) require that you receive academic credit while interning.

Q: To get credit for an internship, do I have to pay for it?
A: Yes. After all, it counts as an elective, so you must pay for the 3-credit CM421 just as you would any other class. If you are required by your internship to receive internship credit, but don't want to register for the 3-credit course, you can register for CM423 for one credit (this won't fulfill any degree or graduation requirement). Check with the Records Office for current fees. The course may be included in your tuition depending on the number of credits you're currently taking. If taking the course over the summer, you must pay for the course.

Q: If I do a summer internship, when do I take the internship course?
A: You register for it as a summer class. If your internship is in another region (NY, LA, etc), you will communicate with the coordinator regularly via Blackboard or e-mail, and meet with the coordinator upon return to the College in the fall.

Q: Can I get paid for an internship and also receive course credit?
YES! New Loyola College rules allow paid internships to count for credit.

Q: How many professional internships should I do?
As many as you can manage. Most students should do two with different employers to get a variety of experience. It is not uncommon for Communication students to do three internships. Some internships might be for
pay instead of credit.

Q: Does Loyola assign an internship to me, or do I arrange for my own internship?
You must arrange your own internship. You are more likely to be suited to an internship that you research and apply for. We have contacts for internships in the Baltimore area.

Q: How can I find out what communication internships are available?
For Baltimore area internships, browse the Communication Internship Blog (http://www.cmintern.blogspot.com), which is maintained by the Communication Department Internship Coordinator, Dr. Kevin Atticks. For a summer internship, check with media employers in your home city.