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InternInfo: Why intern?

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An internship is a type of employment that provides a person with the opportunity to gain valid career experience before actually entering the work force. Internships can either be for payment or for credit. Obtaining an internship while in college is becoming more and more important these days. The job market is extremely competitive and an internship is an excellent way to gain the extra edge over the competition.

Who does internships?
Anyone can, and everyone (at least in our department) should do at least one internship prior to senior year. Whether you're an advertising major or your focus is non-fiction prose, there's an internship out there for you. It's all about "experiencing" your field, testing your interests or even trying out new ones.

Why do I want one?
Experience. Experience plays a key role in the process of finding a job after college. Experience makes you a better candidate for any job you are looking for. It is very advantageous to do at least one internship before graduating. The knowledge you will gain and the hands-on, day to day dealings you will have in a professional work environment will be invaluable.

Would I like this job?
Internships also provide an opportunity to find out what types of jobs you like and which jobs you dislike. You may intern at a radio station and find out you love it, or you may intern at a newspaper and discover you do not want to be a reporter. Either way, you have made a discovery that would not have been possible without an internship.

Would I like this job culture?
By doing an internship you also get the chance to see how the workplace functions: how people dress, interact, how meetings are run, etc. This will help you when it come to starting your own career. You will be more comfortable and secure in your new work place.

One of the most important aspects of having an internship is having the opportunity to network. While you are gaining hands on experience you are also interacting with people in your future career field. Working alongside these individuals allows you to make contacts which will greatly help you in your job search after college. In addition to interacting with these individuals, you also get the opportunity to show your skills and prove your abilities.