Loyola University / Communication Internships

LOUD Communications: Video/production/documentary

I run an independent video production studio in Baltimore (actually just
down the street from you off Cold Spring Lane). I produce a TV show called
Behind Lacrosse which airs on CSTV (nationally) and MASN (regionally). Two
seasons ago we did a story on the Loyola women¹s lacrosse program as well as
one on the multiple sets of twins on both the men¹s and women¹s teams. In
addition to the TV show, I produce marketing and fundraising videos for
non-profits both locally and internationally.

Currently, I am working on a documentary about stay at home dads...and I
could really use some help with it. I am looking for an intern from one of
the local universities and wanted to see if someone at your school might be
interested in this opportunity. I¹d be happy to work with Loyola to apply
credit for this student's work. Would you be interested in presenting this
to your staff and students? Is there someone else I should speak with?

If you have any questions about my company or the internship, I'd be happy
to meet with you or put together more details in writing. I appreciate your
time and consideration.

Good luck to you on the new semester!

Take care,

Michael Ivan Schwartz
LOUD Communications, LLC
4410 Roland Springs Drive
Baltimore, MD 21210
(410) 718-0344 Cell