Loyola University / Communication Internships

Journalism: www.realbuzz.com

We are currently looking to involve university students in the production of our online content. In exchange for writing film, theater, album and even gig reviews, students will have a chance to see their work published, build their resume, and add to their portfolio.

To date, realbuzz.com has already had many students in the UK writing for us; we have been able to provide them with references, internship opportunities, and even paid work in some instances. However, we would like to see the addition of some American student writers in order to generate a more varied range of content.

A Minneapolis native and recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, I came to work for realbuzz.com in July after traveling to England on a work visa. In my opinion, this is a great way for students to gain some practical experience by doing some interesting work with a thriving company.


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