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Ashoka—Public relations

Ashoka is currently looking for highly entrepreneurial students and candidates with a strong commitment to social change. Associates to work in our global headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. Those looking to work in our international offices should apply directly to the appropriate country representative.

Positions are unpaid, though scholarship opportunities are available, and we will gladly work with you to secure funding from your university or an outside institution.

Ashoka is an officially recognized work-study employer for eligible students from Georgetown University and George Washington University.

The Internship
Internships at Ashoka are by nature entrepreneurial, and the experience will vary by program and require your input. It will certainly include:

•Build knowledge and practical experience in Social Entrepreneurship
•Be part of Ashoka’s community working to enable everyone a Changemaker
•Be exposed to innovative citizen sector organizations transforming the way the world operates through innovative models
•Potential academic credit available. Additional information upon request
•Ashoka's Hiring Criteria
•Entrepreneur & Intrapreneur
•Has started up and sustained creative, system-change initiatives in school/ college/ in the workplace and/or has successfully pioneered a venture of his/her own. Has a passion for seeing his or her ideas come to life.
•Understanding & Belief in Everyone A Changemaker™
•Feels and believes, along with Ashoka, in the possibility and necessity of a world where everyone can be a Changemaker.
•Social & Emotional Intelligence
•Works efficiently and respectfully in teams, putting organizational/team goals first (personal glory second). Can inspire as well as learn from colleagues.
•Ethical Fiber
•Exceptionally strong ethical behavior. Is self-reflective and has strong empathy skills. Trustworthy.
•Believes that he or she will make system change at the continental level. Unafraid to take on a big or improbable vision.

How to Apply
ChecK out the links above for current and future openings. Then, send your CV and a letter addressing your fit with Ashoka's selection criteria to the appropriate contacts or to interns@ashoka.org. For more information, go to Apply Now.

Applications and interviews are conducted on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.