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Broadcast: WBEZ volunteers needed (Chicago)

My name is Nadia Greenspan and I am a volunteer coordinator at Chicago Public Radio. I have to confess, this is my first month on the job and, partially because of the previous poor record-keeping system, I've inherited a significantly diminished list of available volunteers, certainly not enough to support any upcoming drive. As it happens, WBEZ has recently changed its fiscal end of the year from August 31 to June 31, so the fiscal year pledge drive is coming up in the middle of June (June 15-June 22), and we're in dire need for volunteers.

Perhaps those of your students who're interested in broadcasting would find it educational and fun to get a tour of the radio station and spend a few hours in the pledge room answering phones and doing some light office work? We're also open to host small "field trips" for students and an instructor as a part of the drive, scheduling up to 12 people for one 3-hour shift. The station provides meals, snacks and refreshments during the drive, as well as Internet access during down time. All new volunteers have to fill a one-page application and submit to a background check, since they'd be dealing with sensitive personal information of the donors.

Nadia Greenspan