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Promotions/Public Relations: gkv REACH

Social Marketing & gkv REACH Intern

Through gkv communications (www.gkv.com ), gkv REACH (www.gkvreach.com) is a social marketing division that is looking for a creative, reliable, enthusiastic and organized intern to assist in the maintenance and growth of social marketing initiatives. gkv REACH is a fast-paced, fun, team-driven environment, so we are looking for an intern who is outgoing, detail-oriented and able to work under tight deadlines. Most importantly, the intern must be enthusiastic about learning and professional growth.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

ÿ Creation of spreadsheets and organization tools using Microsoft Word, Excel
ÿ Assist with the creation of PowerPoint Slide presentations
ÿ Letter writing and e-mail distribution
ÿ Writing content for Web site including captions for photo gallery
ÿ Writing content for E-Newsletters
ÿ Assist with the creation of Press Lists, Press Kits, Media Advisories and other press related materials
ÿ Data entry to help keep the Web site updated
ÿ Phone calls to other organizations to help promote social marketing initiatives

Interns will receive valuable experience in the field of community outreach, event planning, and public relations and the opportunity to work with an exciting and friendly team. Interns will refine their computer and communication skills, and gain insight into the process of maintaining a statewide social marketing campaign.

Please send resume to Denag@gkv.com or 410-234-2453.