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Café Abroad Travel Journalist Job Description

Company: Café Abroad
Position: Travel Journalist
Location: Worldwide
Job Status: One Semester (Or Summer Term) Internship
Hours: Flexible, about 8-10 hours per week
Compensation: Semester-long paid internship
Requirements: Must be a study abroad student
Experience: No prerequisite
Contact jobs@cafeabroad.com
Website: www.cafeabroad.com

Company Profile:
Café Abroad is a print newsmagazine, interactive network and online city guide written entirely by and for abroad students. We accept applications from students traveling to every study abroad destination worldwide.

Job Description:
Café Abroad is looking for college students who are talented writers and have an eye for photography to join our team of travel journalists. As such, your core responsibility is to document your study abroad semester by conceiving, writing and editing pieces that embody your experience.
We’re looking for people who are outgoing, savvy, curious, and eager to explore a new city. Your experiences will give a voice to – and inspire – an online community of thousands of students in the region.

• Posting at least two weekly articles with photos. The articles can focus on anything from an upcoming event or cultural phenomenon to a restaurant review. First person features and commentaries derived from unique abroad experiences are also encouraged.
• Updating the cafeabroad.com calendar by adding at least five events every week. Postings may include – but are not limited to – concerts, festivals, markets, theater performances, sporting events and more. These events can be found in local newspapers, city guides and regional websites and other media outlets.
• Leading a regional team of writers in weekly editorial meetings.

To Apply:
Send cover letter, résumé, two writing samples and the general information form (available at cafeabroad.com by clicking “employment”) to jobs@cafeabroad.com. Writing samples should embody your character and can be a first-person narrative or third-person journalism piece. Please mark the subject of your application email as “Travel Journalist Job Application.”

Checklist for Application:
Each submission should have 5 attachments.
1) Cover Letter
2) Résumé
3) Writing sample # 1
4) Writing sample # 2
5) Job application general information form (under the employment section of website)

All submissions are preferred as Microsoft Word documents.