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Video Production: Mayor's Office of Cable & Communications

Mayor’s Office of Cable & Communications (TV25)
Internship Program

The Mayor’s Office of Cable and Communications’ intern program consists of three modules that move an intern from novice student to a one (1) year experience level in five (5) months. It is our goal to provide an intern with sufficient instructions and hands on experience that after completing the program, interns will be able to gain employment as an experienced production assistant or freelancer in a number of production areas. The following is a description of each module.

Module #1
Interns are given the opportunity to gain first hand experience in all phases of production. Interns learn in detail how to:
- operate studio cameras and teleprompter
- operate control room equipment (i.e. switcher, character generator, editor, and audio board)
- floor direct
- field produce videotape and the duties of a production assistant
- create computer graphics
- edit videotape on linear and digital non-linear systems
- and learn the duties of a program producer
- how to act as program talent.

Module #2
Interns are placed into areas where they are expected to operate as production assistants, camera operators, editors, writers and assistant producers on actual real-time productions, studio shoots and press conferences. They are also expected to assistant in daily operations of our office as needed during this time.

Module #3
After learning the “how to dos” of production, interns are split into groups and are required to complete a final production project on a topic positive for Baltimore residents, which consists of a 30-second PSA (public service announcement) and a 6-minute produced segment on the chosen topic.

Note: Interns who are not able to be present at their assigned times must call at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule.

Cassandra Vaughn-Fox _ Cassandra.Vaughn-Fox@baltimorecity.gov _ 410-396-1100