Loyola University / Communication Internships

Baltimore Sun—Sports

Sports reporting internships at The Baltimore Sun
A sports academic internship prepares students to learn how to gather and present news across a variety of platforms, including print and online. During the internship, students will learn how to:
-- Work with coaches, athletic directors and others to gather high school and college athletic data for databases used by reporters and editors
-- Work with sports reporters and editors in gathering information about local high school and college athletics
-- Interview and gather data about area high schools and colleges that are included in our daily agate offerings both online and in print
-- Identify and highlight athletic achievements based on statistics gathered from coaches, parents and schools. From time to time, the intern will be asked to write brief articles about those achievements
-- If skills allow, intern will be asked to cover news events, especially high school and college games
-- Produce a photo gallery for our Website
-- Publish content to our Website
-- Analyze Website metrics

Trif Alatzas
Head of sports
The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Sun—copy editing

Copy editing internships
Academic interns on the sports copy desk learn how to edit stories for clarity, coherence, logic, factual accuracy, fairness, style, usage, grammar and spelling by working alongside the sports night content editor, who serves as the internship supervisor. Interns also learn to trim stories to fit the news hole; to write headlines and captions; to compile game roundups and agate packages from wire services; and to cross-check copy on page proofs.

Much of their night, especially early in the internship, is spent observing. They get to cut their teeth on anywhere from two to four files a night – usually short wire stories. The night content editor then goes over their work with them, redoing the headlines and captions as appropriate and reviewing all the editing changes. This is a much more time-consuming process than having a staff copy editor work the file.

Interns also learn to put together agate files by working with our editorial assistant, and – now that we work across multiple editing platforms – they’ll be exposed to our procedures for posting content online.

Additionally, interns scan page proofs to catch mistakes and offer suggestions for improved display type, but theirs are never the only eyes on a proof. As a teaching tool, the night content editor shows the intern what he and other copy editors spot on duplicate proofs of the same pages.

Each night ends with a short feedback session. As an extension of this, the sports night content editor writes mid-term and final evaluations for the intern and discusses them with the intern along with providing appropriate career counseling.

The sports copy desk has used internships intermittently for the past three years. The program has given us exposure to some of the most highly recommended students at local colleges, which in several cases led to paid work in the newsroom and at “b.” Equally important, the program enables students to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting (in many cases at their hometown newspaper), to experience a professional work environment, and to discover whether this is a career they want to pursue.

Trif Alatzas
Head of sports
The Baltimore Sun

Barb Clapp: advertising and marketing

Barb Clapp Advertising and Marketing Intern Job Description

During an internship with Barb Clapp Advertising & Marketing an intern may be asked to perform the following tasks:

• Contribute to creative and strategy meetings with staff and/or vendors.
• Write professional press releases for a variety of different clients.
• Revise/edit press releases written by the intern or other office members for a variety of different clients.
• Perform Internet research on various topics depending on the client/project at hand.
• Conduct research to compile media contact lists.
• Conduct media outreach through phone and e-mail correspondence.
• Assist in completing insertion orders for advertising outlets.
• Revise/edit client proposals and other document formatting.
• Assist in the writing/revision of radio and print advertisements.
• Work with ACT software to organize client and media contacts.
• Perform basic clerical procedures, such as answering phones, faxing/copying, printing, etc.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact 410-561-8886 or via e-mail at colleen@barbclapp.com•